Your cat must have had the following vaccinations

Before you can board your cat with us, you must have a up-to-date vaccination certificate, with your vets details on it. If a certificate is not provided, we can contact your vet to confirm vaccination dates. If we are still unable to obtain confirmation of dates then, in the interests of your cat and our other residents we will not be able to board  your cat.

We request that your cat should be flied and wormed at least 2 weeks prior to boarding to eliminate any unwanted flea guest.

We request that cat collars are removed prior to your cat’s stay with us.  Any cat wearing a collar will have it removed for the duration of its stay, for safety reasons.

Terms of business at our cattery

We reserve the right to assume ownership of any cat/cats which remain uncollected for 4 weeks after the agreed collection date. In these circumstances we will take any action we consider reasonable to re-home the said cat or cats.

In case of an emergency or illness we will always attempt to contact your own vet first, however if this is not possible we will ask our local vet to examine your cat. Any cost incurred will be responsibility of the owner.


We will not open the cattery after hours as this only disturbs our guests that have settled in for the night. Sorry.

Cat sleeping arrangements

Cattery Terms

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